Thursday, June 9, 2011

Halo halo! I'm back again=D
Err I was just about to say sorry for not frequently updating my blog, but i realized every time I started my post, MOSTLY will be saying sorry and I done the same thing again.=.='' So I'll skip this same old part and start my post without any word of "SORRY" again. oppss I just mentioned it few seconds ago. =O

We went to Penang Hill last 2 weeks. Yes, to Penang Hill with Boyfriend.XD Boyfriend plan this for a long time ago but the Penang Hill were under construction and finally it is officially opens on May and it was my Birthday Month! haha... Wait! before that, self shot will never ever be neglected by girls. They snap themselves everywhere, anywhere and anytime. Just like me, in the car... ALONE. hahah

People say I looked thinner after having braces, but what I see was a girl with fleshy face. Still fats around me.=(

 I rarely wanted to smile with my metal teeth:( Still felt weird. haha

When we reached, omg so many people there. All the nationalities and also foreigners I saw lining up so so longgg... But there is really a huge different with the new Penang Hill.

The cable car was really fast this time. errr.. I think it should be called a TRAIN? because it is almost just the half speed of the train. Fast, but not super speedy fast lah. Hoorayy! No more old snail cable car.haha

I'm on top of the hill!

Hello PENANG! lol

I can see Penang bridge from far. Sorry for bad quality picture. I am not a pro Photographer. =(

Boyfriend and I ^^

Boyfriend say he is supper hot and doesn't want to took picture anymore:(
So most of the picture all was only me.=O

As I not really want to upload all of "me", so I decided to choose few which I like the most? haha

Love those places. I thought it wont be that much people to Penang Hill but I was wrong. The later, the more people coming up! And the food up there was double of the price compare to down the hill. haha..But it was really a nice place to relax and had fun!:)

That is all for today! oh and don't forget to visit hahah!

Good-bye and Good Night! =D

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