Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Hard Works

Seeing all those pictures, colours, clothes, words and etc etc. I felt like crying I don't know why.T.T  This whole week I am living with full of colours.XD All my hard works, my times, my everything,my creativity(if I really had one) haha.. they are like a part of my life. I woke up, saw them hanging on the hanger giving away one by one. But of course the new owner must be good to them..
I am so happy because this is my job,my career also is my passion.

JR Logo done by myself. First time, although the quality was not that good, but at least it was done by me. I felt satisfied with it but also I need to be more improve.=)

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I am sincerely Thank you all for the support! I Appreciate a lot!

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