Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hello hello:) It's me Mobile blogging again. Guess what, I am now AT bed but not ON my comfortable bed.=/ Apparently was at e-gate Bed pressing my phone searching for something to do. Didn't bring my laptop..yahh I'm too bored:( Luckily Caryne bring her laptop and we can play with her webcam for like.. Err.. 2mins? Lol she said she wanted to do her assignment.. But... What I saw is playing tetris battle-.- somemore K.O-______- hahaha:p me? Of cause blogging and also having some snacks.. Hehe .. Allright, I'll almost stop my typing because they are planing to have supper.

Oh oh! Don't forget to visit my blogshop for new collection on tomorrow(Thursday) ya^^ or facebook: J'R La Bellee 

I'll just stop here and have a good night everyone.;)

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