Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello Hello=D
I know.. I know I had stop blog for quite a long time. As I said, when I start blog I will blog non stop and then I will stop blog for few weeks or even months.=.= But I hope this time I wont be like that anymore. Hope that I have time to blog more because only blog can make me to forget things which is unhappy and remind me of memorable life which I had been through everyday. But so sad that once I got my ip, I  kept forgotten to bring out my camera every time. And I don't have good quality photo anymore. Sobxx =,(

In May 2011, I have quite alot of first time actually. haha

The very first time wearing like going to work,but actually I'm not.=.='' Mr. Tan brought me to the professionals and changed my Chinese name.
Mine now is "李俐紅". no more "李丽红” hahah.   

The very first time having this very bright colour Red lips. I look fierce. =/

First time sticking my phone casing to be like this.
It does not look that nice or that special. Because I done it when I am really bored with no idea at all.XD

First time eating home made "LOVE" shape Maggie mee.
Okay I am very "Mountain Monkey" in hokkien means "suah ba kao" =.=''

First time ate Clay pot Crab rice with Sheryn and Shane.
Very nice!! I'm missing it now!:(

The very first time I am quite satisfied with my curls. haha

The very first time went for blood donation with Mr.Tan, My BB. I couldn't donate because they said I am under weight plus I am having MC Visit.=/ Most of girls thinks that they are fat but they are not? Including me. I think of that everyday and every time. hahha!
I wanted to faint seeing so much blood coming out, really. I keep ask, pain a? pain a? he keep say NO LAH NO LAH! hahahh and I still keep asked again and again.

Went for Wesak prayer. It was my first time also. Every year I doesn't want to go because it was too crowded of people. But this year is exception.:)

Seriously these are my first time having them.
Tutti Frutti and Subway. People are shocked when they knew it.
I don't know why is this was my first time also:(

Plugged teeth. Not my first time actually. I plugged before when I was errr 7 years old?=.=''
That was way too long long time ago. But plugging teeth are not pain at all! it only slightly pain when having injection. Thank god! hahahaa

Now my teeth almost look like this? Of coz the hole was not at the front la. hahah

I probably will blog tomorrow.
If I had time.=D see ya'll!

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Sydney said...

nice curls! look like Korean ;)